Kentucky Bluegrass in both regular cut (1-1/4”) and short cut low mow (5/8”)

Kentucky bluegrass is typically what one thinks of when imaging a quintessentially beautiful lawn. The rich blue-green color demands sunlight to reach maximum health, and its fine texture looks ideal in the front lawn of your home, golf course, or any aesthetically-oriented property.


Bluegrass/Fine Fescue Blend – “Blue Fescue” (Shade Tolerant)  

This sod contains a mix of Kentucky Bluegrass and Fine Fescue.  It is ideal for sites where there is some shade (less than 5 hours of direct sunlight).  The texture is different than that of our 100% Kentucky Bluegrass because of the narrow Fine Fescue grass blade. Generally, it is a lighter green color than straight bluegrass.  Can be maintained or allowed to grow up to a rough height.


Turf-type Tall Fescue / Bluegrass Blend 

Turf-type tall fescue is a premium grass blend that works effectively in both sunny and shaded regions.  This sod contains a blend of the wider leaf blade of the Tall Fescue with the finer leaf blade of Kentucky Bluegrass.  Most often used on a golf course for higher wear areas and south facing bunker faces.


100% Fine Fescue 

Fine Fescue is primarily used for Golf Course roughs, bunkers and native areas.  In a landscape application, Fine Fescue would be used to achieve a meadow like appearance.  Can also be used to differentiate areas in an overall landscape plan.


Bentgrass (Greens and Tee/Fairway Heights)

Bentgrass sod is widely known for its use on golf courses, offered both for fairways and greens. Possessing excellent recovery and durability, this dark green turf is a medium leaf texture and thrives in sunlight. The Bentgrass also endures low mowing height and has a conveniently uniform growth.