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Yes we absolutely do. In order for us to deliver to your home, we require a minimum order of 1,200 sqft or more of Sod or 20 yards or more of Bulk Material such as soil, seed, granular, fertilizer, etc. As always you are welcome to pick up at any of our 3 locations throughout Long Island during store hours. Pickup Sod 10sqft or more, Lawn Care Supplies, Bulk Material 1 yard, or more.
Delea Sod Farms carries many different varieties of sod from lush and colorful Kentucky Bluegrass to sports turf. Please take a look at our catalog of sod offerings by clicking HERE-->
Fall: early September Spring: April/May depending on soil temperatures (50 degrees plus)
Yes we do. our Blues Fescue and Turf Type Tall Fescue sod are much more shade tolerant, and our Sun & Shade, Sports Turf, and Deep Shade seed also perform well under shade.
We carry many varieties of seed for all your growing needs. Please take a look at our full catalog of seed products by clicking HERE-->
April, May, Summer (slow release), Fall.
Every week you should be watering your lawn with at least 1 1/2 inches of water. During Hot summer months must take evaporation rates into account.
We recommend waiting for a minimum of 6 weeks before treating your new lawn to make sure that everything has settled properly.
Based on brand of spreader (Check their website)
Yes: Don’t put Fertilizer out if an extreme amount of rain is predicted within 48 hours.
Fall is the optimum time.  Spring: could lead to higher growth of weeds.

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