Grass Seed

Product Description 10lb Bag (sq ft) New/Over Coverage 25lb Bag (sq ft) New/Over Coverage
Delea Sod Blend (Enhanced) Kentucky Bluegrass (3 Varieties) 2500/5000 6250/12500
Sun & Shade Mix Kentucky Bluegrass Creeping Red Fescue Perenial Ryegrass Chewing Fescue 1650/3300 3100/6250
Deep Shade Mix Creeping Red Fescue Chewing Fescue Perennial Ryegrass Hard Fescue 1250/2500 4000/7000
Blue-Rye Mix Kentucky Bluegrass Perennial Ryegrass 1250/2500 4150/8300
Triumph Rye Blend Perennial Ryegrass (3 Varieties) 1250/2500 3100/6250
Super Sports Turf Tall Fescue Perennial Ryegrass Kentucky Bluegrass N/A 4100/6250


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