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DeLea Sod is well-known for our commitment to quality throughout the entire growing and application process. This care and attention offers the groundskeeper the confidence of a superior grass playing surface that is easy to maintain and preserve.

For our sport grass We use specific grass varieties — chosen for their wear-tolerance characteristics — for our athletic sod applications, and follow set quality control guidelines for all new plantings.

Our sport turf sod is featured on the fields of many professional sports venues, including the New York Jets practice field, Ducks Stadium, and the new Yankee Stadium.


  • Thick-cut and big-roll (50×4) bluegrass sod
  • Wear-tolerant grass varieties
  • Grown in well-draining soils
  • Genuine Dakota Peat Root Zone and Construction Mixes
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The New York Yankees demand quality and excellence with every part of their organization, and their playing field is no exception. DeLea’s careful attention to quality at each step along the growing process is what led Danny Cunningham, head groundskeeper for the Yankees, to select DeLea Sod.

“This sod takes a ton of wear and tear,” Cunningham said. “I need to know the turf can hold up, and DeLea’s quality and consistency won me over.”

That attention means a painstaking process in order to produce the highest quality sod.  We follow a steady diet of water and nutrients and perform careful, frequent mowings. It’s this process that enables us to meet the stringent standards set by the Yankees.

“These guys are professional ballplayers, they don’t want to have to worry about the turf,” said Cunningham. “That means we need top quality sod with no flaws at all times. We get that from DeLea.”

Over the years, the quality of DeLea Sod coupled with superior maintenance techniques, allows the Yankees players and fans to enjoy the best athletic turf in baseball.

Cunningham and the Yankees also appreciate the way we stand behind our product at DeLea Sod. We guarantee it to be free of unwanted weeds and crabgrass. We guarantee that the sod is fully irrigated from germination to harvest. We also apply ample amounts of “grass feed” nutrients, fertilizer and pre-emergent all of which ensure Yankees sod to be the highest quality sod available.

DeLea Sod has been and continues to be the choice for the Yankees. For the 18 months prior to the fall of 2008, DeLea has been growing and maintaining the new Yankee Stadium sod.

When researching sod for the new stadium, Cunningham inspected several other sod farm organizations. The choice was DeLea.

“The DeLea Sod blend proved to be a higher quality,” Cunningham said. “The levels of attention that they give to the product during the grow-in, up to the harvest and right to delivery are unmatched.”

In addition to the sod quality, Cunningham appreciates the high level of personal service he receives from DeLea Sod.

“Rick DeLea and the organization stand behind their product,” said Cunningham. “Rick himself is available to us for consulting services to ensure we have every resource needed to maintain the field conditions and help us meet the expectations of the players, the front office and the fans.”

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