About Us

About Us

At DeLea Sod, we are committed to quality and service that will stand the test of time for our clients. That is how we have succeeded and grown every day since 1928, when Louis DeLea started the business.  Now, with over 83 years of expert industry experience, DeLea Sod Farms continues to honor the DeLea reputation across the scope of Long Island.


We stay ahead of the competition by never cutting corners and maintaining quality through each step of the growing process:


*We till each field before seeding to ensure weed-free sod

*Fields are fully irrigated at great expense throughout the grow-in, so your sod is delivered lush and green.

*Regular mowing and proper fertilization is critical to turf grass health. We maintain our fields according to a precise schedule that ensures you get the healthiest sod.

*We harvest our fields with special attention to grass height, variety type, and width of cut, ensuring that we have the sod type you need on hand.

*We deliver quickly and efficiently with a fleet of trucks, each with its own forklift to place your sod where you want it.

Delea Sod Farm services a wide variety of professional, municipal, commercial, residential clients and are capable of expediting projects both large and small.

Through quality control, technological advances, equipment upgrades, and the most knowledgeable, service-oriented staff in the industry, DeLea Sod gives you the absolute best in full-scale sod solutions. We are honored by the dedication of our clients and offer that same dedication back to you!

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