Available Varieties

Available Varieties

DeLea Sod Offers A Wide Variety Of Sod Types For Any Application Including:


Kentucky Bluegrass in both regular cut (1-1/4”) and short cut low mow (5/8”)    

Kentucky bluegrass is typically what one thinks of when imaging a quintessentially beautiful lawn. The rich blue-green color demands sunlight to reach maximum health, and its fine texture looks ideal in the front lawn of your home, golf course, or any aesthetically-oriented property.


Bluegrass/Fine Fescue Blend –  “Blue Fescue” (Shade Tolerant)  

This sod contains a mix of Kentucky Bluegrass and Fine Fescue.  It is ideal for sites where there is some shade (less than 5 hours of direct sunlight).  The texture is different than that of our 100% Kentucky Bluegrass because of the narrow Fine Fescue grass blade. Generally, it is a lighter green color than straight bluegrass.  Can be maintained or allowed to grow up to a rough height.


Turf-type Tall Fescue / Bluegrass Blend 

Turf-type tall fescue is a premium grass blend that works effectively in both sunny and shaded regions.  This sod contains a blend of the wider leaf blade of the Tall Fescue with the finer leaf blade of Kentucky Bluegrass.  Most often used on a golf course for higher wear areas and south facing bunker faces.


Rhizomatous Turf-type Tall Fescue

This tall fescue is named as such because it produces rhizomes, an underground stem that tills through soil, extends underground, and provides growth. The rhizomatous fescue is unique in that it can repair itself, filling in open areas with rhizomes. In addition, the rhizomatous fescue is favored because it germinates quickly, ensuring a rich, robust lawn.


100% Fine Fescue 

Fine Fescue is primarily used for Golf Course roughs, bunkers and native areas.  In a landscape application, Fine Fescue would be used to achieve a meadow like appearance.  Can also be used to differentiate areas in an overall landscape plan.


Bentgrass (Greens and Tee/Fairway Heights)

Bentgrass sod is widely known for its use on golf courses, offered both for fairways and greens. Possessing excellent recovery and durability, this dark green turf is a medium leaf texture and thrives in sunlight. The Bentgrass also endures low mowing height and has a conveniently uniform growth.


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